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Terms of use and others...

1. Choose carefully the options you will add to your plugin, later changes will only be made if there are errors, updates or the purchase of a new option.

2. Be aware that the data requirements below will be used to ensure the exclusive and individual use of your plugin, linking it only to your server.

3. Shortcuts and command keys must be informed at the time of purchase or they will be configured with the standard shortcuts and keys configured by our team.

4. Changing security data will have a non-fixed cost that may vary according to the region, version or person, make sure you have a VPS and a fixed license when purchasing your plugin.

5. This page is only for collecting information in a safe environment, the completion of your purchase must be made by Whatsapp or Skype, you can access them by clicking on the icons above.

6. The plugins may contain bugs, errors or the like, do not hesitate to report us, we are always willing to serve the best.

7. Our complement was created and tested on top of the Louis Emulator S6 version. This makes them exclusive to the Update-independent emulator.

8. On our website we offer the best companies in the industry, but we do not answer for them, in case of doubts please contact the respective company.

9. We do not create exclusive textures, our plugins are sent with standard textures, this work is done by a Designer and this is not our forte.

10. We are not obliged to sell if the buyer is suspected of fraud or misconduct.

11. There is no refund of value because it is a digital product, keep in mind the certainty of what you need before obtaining it, do research and watch the demonstration videos.

12. Matrix Plugins is a Brazilian team, but we will maintain contact and information in the language (English) for a better service for the entire world audience.

13. Suggestions or criticisms must be sent through the form, you find on the homepage of our website. Any message related to this on Whatsapp or Skype can cause your contact to be blocked.

14. We don't support server or client configurations, we don't teach how to create images in Photoshop, we don't edit websites and we don't sell codes.

15. We offer a product worked on top of an emulator, tested and guaranteed, the use of third party services like other plugins, or Anti Hacker systems can cause bugs and for that we are not responsible.

16. The plugin can contain part of third party codes, all credits from their respective creators are added to the website's acknowledgment page.

17. All plugins contain the 3D camera system, Minimizer system and important corrections, if there is no interest in the following sayings, they will be removed at the time of purchase.

18. After confirmation of payment we ask for 24 hours for the delivery of the files.

19. Rules, notices, terms, may be changed, added or removed without prior notice.

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